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What is Monday Motivation and why do I do it every week? It’s my way of feeding your brain the motivation it needs each week to smash Mondays! Read the full post to learn when I started and why this is important to me.


is a weekly curated list of practical, actionable and inspirational articles. It's a carefully crafted newsletter that is guaranteed to provide you with motivation for the upcoming week!


 1. What Is Monday Motivation?


Monday Motivation is my personal and favorite way of staying motivated throughout the whole week. Even if I was feeling burnt out or demotivated on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, I'll still open my inbox and be greeted with something that will perk me up again!

What is Monday Motivation? 

While there are a lot of aspects to this project, at its core it consists of a weekly blog post meant to motivate you. Each week we will deliver a new post, giving you 7 days of encouragement. These posts will be very short, and focus on something that can be applied immediately in your life. Here’s the challenge: every Sunday night, or whenever you get around to it, take 10 minutes to jot down 3 things you


Monday Motivation

want to accomplish the next week. Then read through the next few days’ prompts and apply them to yourself. Keep doing that throughout the week until Sunday, and see how much success you find! We all need motivation every once in a while.

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